Thursday, April 16, 2020

Day 76: COVID In, COVID Out

Massachusetts' numbers are up 7.5% today. Yesterday the state promised some extra data (h/t MassLive), but of course it took some digging around the website to find it. The state's numbers for hospital infections [PDF] include Steward Health Care hospitals and also suspected cases, which is probably why they're so much higher than the numbers from the Globe the other day. Buried elsewhere, there's also a chart of bed occupancy and capacity [PDF] by "region", including the beds in alternate sites like Corey Hill the BCEC.

The new town-by-town data [DOCX] conveniently includes the rate scaled to 100,000 "residents". (The vast majority of cities in Massachusetts don't actually have 100,000 residents, never mind the towns.) There is a promise to update the town-by-town data weekly, but nothing about maintaining the hospital data.

An archive of the daily reports has also appeared. Finding them had previously required the Wayback Machine to discover their somewhat unpredictable and sometimes misspelled URLs. The archive also includes the previously missing DOCX for March 9th. (PlagueBlog has not yet checked the full archive against our own archives for changes.)

Here is a long-awaited pretty picture, of the town-by-town case rates (per 100,000) through April 14th:
Click to enlarge. The yellow hotspot near Boston is Chelsea. The top 10 cities ratewise are: Chelsea, Brockton, Randolph, Williamstown, Lawrence, Everett, Longmeadow, Braintree, Revere and Norwood, in that order. Holyoke is #11 and Littleton is #14, presumably due to their nursing home issues.

I made up the rates for the places with <5 but more than 0 cases; next time I will find population data for those places in order to estimate them properly (though it's unlikely to change the map much).

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