Thursday, February 13, 2020

Day 13: Germ Boat #5

The AIDA Cruises ship AIDAvita, under an Italian flag but owned by a German company and apparently full of Germans, started out of Bali on January 17th, but has been denied docking at its next Vietnamese port. (This is the fifth cruise ship to appear in the epidemic news.)

Stories about the AIDAvita tend to also report that Germ Boat #4, the MS Westerdam, expected to dock in Thailand when last PlagueBlog reported on it, actually docked in Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia today.

Reuters reports that Singapore is still looking for their "patient zero" who brought COVID-19 to a conference there, eventually infecting Malaysia and Europe.

Reuters also reports a confirmed case in a Tokyo taxi driver in his 70's, as well as a doctor in central Japan. On the bright side, Japan intends to start letting elderly and interior passengers of Germ Boat #2, the Diamond Princess, come ashore beginning tomorrow to complete their quarantine on dry land.

A second evacuee case has been confirmed in San Diego, bringing the US total to 14.

P.S. A third evacuee case has been confirmed at Lackland AFB in Texas, bringing the US total to 15.

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