Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bird Flu Confirmed in Indonesia

Via ProMED-mail: Reuters reports that Indonesia has confirmed three deaths from avian influenza.
Last month, Indonesia reported its first human case in a poultry worker, but the man did not develop symptoms and is healthy.
The agriculture ministry has reported sporadic H5N1 virus outbreaks killing more than nine million fowl in 21 provinces, out of a total of 33, across the archipelago since late 2003.
Indonesian policy favours vaccinating animals rather than culling to stop the spread of bird flu, due to lack of funds to compensate farmers.
The World Health Organisaton has questioned the effectiveness of vaccines and say culling is the best weapon.
The virus has already jumped species in Indonesia and was discovered in pigs in May on densely populated Java island.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Tularemia on Martha's Vineyard

Via ProMED-mail: the Vineyard Gazette reports an unusual case of oropharyngeal tularemia contracted by a landscaper on Martha's Vineyard who handled a dead rabbit.
Tularemia is a powerful but rare bacterial disease. Rabbits are the most common carriers in addition to rodents such as squirrels, voles and muskrats, but a bite from a dog tick is the most typical way the disease is transmitted to people.
On the Vineyard, though, the pneumonic cases have dominated, making the Island the only place in the United States to experience an outbreak of pneumonic tularemia.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Q Fever

The AP reports on a mysterious case of Q fever in Texas.